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Heritage Business Services, Inc., founded in 1998, provides intermediary and consulting services to public and private companies in diverse industries throughout the United States. Services include mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business brokerage, business valuations, management consulting, and business planning.


Selling Businesses - Heritage represents business owners in the sale and divestiture of companies in every industry. We find the most suitable buyers and structure the transaction to best serve the client. We focus on representing privately held companies. We professionally manage all aspects of the transaction from beginning to end. Heritage has the expertise to resolve complex issues concerning the sale of the company.


Buying Businesses - Heritage represents corporate and individual buyers in the purchase of a wide range of companies in all industries. We find the most suitable businesses to acquire and structure the transaction to best serve the buyer. We advise the client about opportunities available to acquire qualified companies. Heritage also helps the buyer obtain funding for the transaction. Heritage has the expertise to resolve complex issues concerning the acquisition. 


Valuing Businesses - Heritage provides an independent valuation of companies for business buyers and sellers by utilizing a third party valuation company. They have developed an extensive national database on thousands of comparable businesses throughout the United States and Canada. This database has allowed them to be knowledgeable of industry trends and pricing multiples in diverse business segments. They have considerable expertise in small to middle market businesses. Heritage assists the process by recasting the financial statements and cash flow of the business to properly reflect its operations for valuation.


Acquisition Planning - Heritage has significant experience in assisting companies in putting together comprehensive merger and acquisition plans. We help clients develop strategic plans that combine the financial potential of the transaction along with the goals and objectives of the company making the acquisition. Our many years of experience, combined with our practical, innovative experience in the marketplace, enable us to plan and identify potential merger/acquisition candidates.


Merger Integration - Heritage provides the experience, competency and capability needed to ensure the success of the merger/acquisition and achieve the true value of the transaction. The key to an effective merger or acquisition is the successful integration of the two companies. We professionally assist our clients in achieving successful mergers/acquisitions. We provide the capability to support the merger/acquisition once it has taken place and we provide the required talent to deal with problems that may arise. As an intermediary and facilitator, we can bring problems to quick resolution because we understand the merger/acquisition process.


Management Consulting - Heritage's management consulting services span a broad spectrum of business disciplines. Our work is custom designed to achieve the specific goals of individual clients. We primarily focus on advising clients regarding (1) how to prepare for an eventual sale of their company, (2) maximizing the "value" of the business to obtain the highest price, and (3) productivity and profit improvement. Although we provide services in many management facets, our work often focuses in the areas of general management, sales and marketing, operations and administration.


Business Planning - Proper planning can help a company prepare for a sale and maximize the selling price. Heritage also provides business planning services to help clients achieve future growth and expansion, maximize profits, improve revenue and operations performance, control expenses, motivate employees and ensure the effective utilization of corporate resources. Heritage offers business planning services in the development of strategic plans, business plans, budgets and forecasts.


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